Gadgets to help you to combat your rising stress levels

In the modern world, the rising frequencies and intensities are not only limited to the number of climate related disasters around the world due to climate change. The quality of life declines while people become more materialistic and lead monotonous lifestyles that are required to meet the rising demands of work and also life. High stress levels are a common thing along with related mental disorders such as depression and nervous breakdowns. So when it comes to dealing with stress, sometimes you need a helper with you, be it animate or inanimate. The technological inventions that have been brought forth to help you to reduce your stress levels are varying and also effective.


The aquafarm


Who wants some green and blue nature together at the same place in a portable form? The aquafarm is made to cater to such a need. You get the aquarium to keep some small fish which is topped by the tiny pots where you can plant your favorite small plants. The fish tank is self-cleaning because of the green on the top. The top pots can be used to grow organic plants which will keep the water clean by absorbing the water and nutrient from the fish faecal matter. The device is small enough to fit into the corner of a table so you can even keep it in the office.


Giant stress ball


The small yellow smiley face stress ball not working out for now (or maybe you have popped a one too many for HR to supply you with more)? Then this giant stress ball is the best way to keep your hands busy and also get rid of the clutter in your mind. It comes with different colors (and a range of soothing blue shades) and are gel based so it will feel extremely satisfying when you punch it, and get your hand massaged by yourself.


Desktop foosball


Need to have a bit of a break during your hard working hours? Then this tiny foosball board can help you and also a colleague. It measures only 4”x8”x1.25” and comes with silver and gold shades. Try a game or two when your eyes are starting to strain and you think your brain will start smoking after too many late nighters at the office.


Another great way to reduce stress at the office it to have a portable massage machine (like the Shiatsu heated foot massager or head massager) to help you relax easily. Keeping something green or blue (like some potted plants or a tiny aquarium) will reduce your stress levels as well.

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