How to add greenery to your home office

If you are working from home and have your own working space dedicated to your career, then keeping it stylish is one of the key factors especially if you have customers and clients visiting your home office. Greenery, along with various other aesthetically appealing methods, is one of the best known methods for styling a home office. Greenery for the home office can be done easily enough especially if you have a garden, and you have some skill with your hands when it comes to planting and pruning.


Putting potted items on shelves


Although most may not think of it as a method of adding greenery, putting potted plants on your shelf is one of the most aesthetically appealing ways to add green to the office. You can go for small vines and flowering plants that will not grow up too big and can survive confined to the small container that fits on the shelf. Putting a plant in a shelf is also space saving, and if you have a crowded room this will allow you to keep your favorite cactus with you. When you utilize shelves you can add differently shaped, shaded and sized plants and pots in a variety on your shelves which will act like an interior designs statement.


By the Window


The window can be utilized greatly for putting up things that would make your room look more stylish. You can put plants on a DIY shelf, or in brightly colored or patterned pots, or even in wicker baskets. If you are pro-environment, take a weekend off and go for some of the recycled pots that you can make from stuff you throw in trash. You can add the larger plants of your collection to the room by putting it by the window. You can also add vines and allow them to grow freely by the window and direct it to trail out or down from the window.


Hanging pots


Another measure you can use to add in a bit of stress-relieving green into the room is by hanging them. If you have a high ceiling this would allow you to add a retro or old western style into the interior of the room by hanging wooden buckets or retro colored buckets to put the plants in. for those who have low roofs, add the hanging pots closer to the walls.


Adding a plant or two as decorative pieces will save money and also serve the purpose of making your home office look eco-friendly. Plants and trees are known to be stress relievers for some, and are great ways to keep yourself cool as well.

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