Newest gadgets to get you out of the monotony

Technological inventions keep popping out every hour from various corners of the world, and some of them does not fail to surprise us with their convenience and utter awesomeness. So when it comes to everyday monotone, ordinary life where most of us repeat the same actions day after day, some of the gadgets will be able to become out knight in shining armor to make life just a bit more interesting. So here is a lot of some of the best inventions out there add an element fun to your daily habits.


The bionic bird


One of the newest shapes of a drone, the bionic bird can be bought online. The shape corresponds to a bird so when you view it from afar or from below, the drone seems like any other crow or pigeon haunting the neighborhood. The bionic bird got famous as it gives you the perspective of the ground when a bird is flying and you can also watch out for other predatory birds (actual live ones like hawks) that might hunt you down as a meal. So you can work on your reflexes and maneuvering techniques when you dodge ravens, falcons and cats out to get your bird


The bionic bird comes with the drone, QR code card to get to your app (free by the way when you buy the drone), an egg (the portable charger for your bird), 2 spare wings in case somebody breaks the bird, a packet of aluminum weights to work as wing balancers and a USB cord to connect the egg to the bird.


Macaroon making machine


If you a fan of sweet things, and want to own something to make a dessert in a quick flash then this machine is for you. The macaroon making kit is available online and comes with the Decomax pen, different tips for the pen, baking tray and a recipe booklet as well. You make up your own dough, put it into the pen, and add the tip you want and then get filling in the tray, bake it accordingly and you will have wonderfully made macaroons. The recipe book goes into details on how to fully optimize the pen and add in your favorite colors and flavors into the dough.


The crock-pot triple dipper is for those who have a large amount of months to feed or to be taken out during the part times. It comes with three different compartments (in the same equipment) to make your three favorite dipping sauces and other slow-cooking meals at the same time.

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