Tips for dummies: Growing your own bonsai

For those who love greenery or want a portable greenery that is not a cactus, then a bonsai plant is the best way to show off skills. Bonsai, which translates to ‘tray planting’ in Japanese, is a thousand years old tradition held by the Japanese. Bonsai is a method of finding your inner Zen and calming your mind, so if you do it right it works as a form of meditation and self-growth. Almost all types of perennial woody stemmed trees and shrubs can be used as the core materials for bonsai as long as they have true branches and can be limited to the tiny container of the bonsai.


Firstly you will need to contact the local greenhouse and inquire about pre Bonsai plants or rough material that you can use for styling. Although you can make the rough material yourself, it is an elongated process that will need lots of patience (as it takes around 3-5 years to make the pre Bonsai plant). Make sure that the tree species that you are selecting will fit into your circumstances of where you will keep the plant (indoor, outdoor, climate and soil and et cetera).


If you are not so interested in waiting for 5 years to make your bonsai, then you can buy the start kits with the tree online or buy the ready-made bonsai tree online. When you buy the readymade version you will only need to keep the maintenance of the tree to make sure it does not die off or over grow its container.


There are various different methods for styling and getting shaped from your bonsai plant. For a readymade plant the general shape is usually already fixed. But when you buy the rough material you will have to do the wiring and pruning yourself and you can turn it into any shape you want. Wiring and pruning are two of the main methods for getting the shape you want and keeping the style of the plant.


When you are pruning the tree, make sure that you are not taking off any branches and sections of the plant that it needs to survive. Bonsai is a time consuming process, and you need to fully concentrate on the activity to make sure that you are doing it right.


There are always bonsai DIY starter packs that you can buy online. There come with directions and also the tree as well sometimes. Although this is an expedited process, growing a true bonsai from the regular seedling or seed and doing the process of pruning and limiting the tree to the pot will be the method of gaining understanding of the bonsai art.

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